Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Waiting and waiting and waiting...

Hey this is John. We are about to be on our way to Qatar. We have been sitting in the Washington D.C. airport for about five hours ,but we are making the best of our time. First of all, the WiFi is not free so I had to pay $5.95 for our internet, so we bought internet to keep ourselves entertained. Then me and Boone explored the terminal where our flight is taking off and got a few pictures. After watching some funny videos on Youtube, we went and ate at the neatest little sandwich shop called "Pot bellies." It was quite delicious. Now we are less than an hour away from take off so next time i post a blog I will be halfway across the world.


  1. Travel safely !! The world awaits this conference - it is BIG stuff!!

  2. Hi shell shocker! Perhaps you might find a little time in those airport layovers to read some Ray Bradbury.

  3. Hi Shell Shocker,

    Maybe you could do a little Ray Bradbury reading during some of those airport layovers. Also, I'd LOVE a picture of you and the president....follow Katie to find out where he is in Dulles next week.