Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Reflection on the Flat Classroom Conference

The First Day

The Flat Classroom Conference was one of the best experiences I have ever
had in my life. The first day was our introduction to the desert. We did not go to Qatar Academy, but we went to the Souk and went dune bashing. Since it was the holy day for the Islamic religion, most of the Souk shops were closed except for the Moroccan tea shop. They had some really good tea and waiters. They poured the tea from about a three foot height. After this we got to the fun part of the day. Dune bashing is an ATV lovers dream. We drifted down really steep slopes and sped across flats at speeds over 120 KPH. Then we ate an exotic dinner and prepared for the conference the next day.

The Beginning of the Conference

The next day was the first day of the conference. The first thing we did was eat lunch at the school. When I got to the school, I thought it was a palace. This school was the size of five Westwoods combined. The lunch was quite different but it was not bad at all. After lunch, we had the opening ceremony in the auditorium then went straight to the Student Summit room and met our team mates. I really enjoyed working with my team mates Nastassja, Antonia, and Yaqsan. Our teams name ended up being Eracism. We put our heads together and came up with a really good idea to stop racism across the world.
The idea we put forth was is supposed to be a website designed to help teenagers understand other cultures and learn ethnic differences between others around the world. The website is a debate site where teens debate about there differences and will hopefully understand why they stereotype cultures. The teens and adults not involved in the debate will have access to the websites backdoor chat window so they can give their opinion too. We plan to market this website using Myspace and Facebook because almost every teenager has one.

The Final Video
Since our idea made it into the final group we had to make an advertisement video for our presentation. We all gave very good ideas and put our heads together to create a really good video. Our strengths pulled us through to create a good video. Nastassja was the director of the video and pretty much told everyone what to do. She was like our moms in teenage form. I acted in most of the films clips. Unfortunately I was the bully every time. Antonia and Yaqsan were our editors for the films we shot. They were both really good with computer software. They could probably work for Microsoft. Our final video named Eracism is on the conference ning and your votes are greatly appreciated.

By: John Vereen

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