Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 1 of the Conference

Whew!It is 9:47 and I feel like it is terribly late. We are working hard and the students are doing great work. Here are some pictures of the first Day from the Ning.

Find more photos like this on Flat Classroom Conference

The morning was spent touring the new Islamic museum. We had lunch at Qatar Academy, a beautifully spacious school! They have a very long waiting list and are one of the nicest schools we've ever seen! After the introduction, the students headed to the summit and we talked about how to brainstorm and they participated in a guided brainstorming session, learned about cultural differences, and determined the topic of their student project for the next day and a half. We got to talk to Pulitzer prize winning author Thomas Friedman and also tried to link up with Educon in philadelphia for a presentation. It was a nightmare because we had connection problems but the local debate was very good and based upon something here called Doha debates.

We had a delicious dinner and then an executive from HSBC bank talked about workforce characteristics in a flat world. It was excellent!

Going to work a little while tonight but am so so tired. We have to be up tomorrow at 6 am. I hope the students learn a lot and make new friends. They are great kids and it is a joy to be here.

Hello to everyone at home - and yes, we are enjoying the food!

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