Sunday, January 25, 2009

Qatar itself and the Conference

Today has been the third day in Qatar. So far it has been amazing! We landed around 6 on Thursday, but we were so tired we lounged around the hotel. It took us forever and asking for directions 4x to finally find an ATM so we could get money to eat dinner that night. The dinner was really good, and I got to taste my first Qatarian delicacies. Our room is amazing and really nice. The Gloria seems to have anything you could think of having. The shower is really cool also...Hopefully I will get some pics of our room tonight to show.

On Friday we toured the Souq Market. It was really cool despite the rain and being closed. While there we got so see many of the cultural aspects of Qatar. We went to a Moroccan style restaurant where they served Moroccan Tea. It tasted really good, but when we opened toe tea pot, it looked pretty nasty! They also served baby camel...gross!

That afternoon we hit the dunes! We went dunebashing which was amazing as you can see from Mrs. Vicki's video! After the bashing, I got to ride a camel! It was pretty awkward...the getting up, the landing, the getting off. But other than that it was fun and a neat experience. Then we went and ate dinner in the middle of the desert under nice tents. They also had a lady giving henna tattoos and Casey and I got one.

Saturday morning we met in downstairs at the hotel and went on a tour of the city. We got in two buses and rode all around Qatar, the old Qatar and the new Qatar. It was pretty much amazing. The pictures will show.

The first day of the Flat Classroom Conference was fun! We finally got to see Qatar Academy. It is huge! It is like a college here. They have like 10 gyms, an olympic sized pool, training pools, 2 coffee shops, a post office, a photo developing place, a travel agent, and many more things. I met my team members, but two were a little confused about the whole thing.

Today is day two. Due to the fact that one of our group members did not show up today, we split up into other groups. I am now in team 5. Our project we are doing is called Stomp Down Discrimination. We had to share our idea and pitch the project today to three groups of teachers. It was pretty insane. We were all nervous. I think they went well though. We are fixing to go to our next session.


I will post later tonight with pictures.

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  1. These are great reflections! You did a GREAT job on your presentation!! we'll have fun tomorrow!