Friday, January 23, 2009

The Flat Classroom Conference is Really Happening

When I walked into Qatar Academy today, it sunk in: the conference is really happening!  Julie and the staff at Qatar Academy have done an excellent job getting ready.  It is amazing how far we've come so far and this is only the beginning.
Julie Lindsay hosted me at her home for lunch after we worked all morning.  I'll still be up until 2 am or so tomorrow getting ready for in the morning. This is her back yard, Julie in the phone, and then her husband John who helped by fixing a delicious lunch!
This is a co-teacher from the last Flat Classroom Project, Salim from Oman.  He has been an excellent contributor to our projects and is a very impressive teacher.  He didn't go dune bashing with us (because it is something he has done before) but we said hello in the lobby of the Gloria Hotel today.

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  1. I can feel your excitement bursting out of your words - thanks for sharing your adventure with all of us! Can't wait to hear how the conference goes. Looking forward to Friedman's discussion tomorrow! And, I've added dune bashing to my 'to do' list :)