Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dulles isn't too dull

OK, Katie's last post doesn't have her photo on it because the memory stick is now STUCK in my laptop! We're all on the Internet. Tayler has been skyping with his family and using his webcam. Katie and Casey have been blogging. Mrs. Betty is reading a great book!

I'm sitting here with a little bit of an earache, because that is what happens to me when I travel.

But, also am working on the opening speech for the conference. It excites me and makes me very nervous. This is a huge dream for both Julie and I as we have a common vision and dream to unite students around the world to not only study technological trends and experience them, but improve all of our cultures by helping students understand one another and understand our world better.

It is amazing to me how connected we are - whether it is via cell phone, webcam, computer, email or blog - we're more connected to back home than ever before.

It is interesting to me that instead of the long slide shows we used to see that if you subscribe or follow this blog, you can literally travel with us.

I encourage you to find your favorite blog post (or blogger) and leave a comment below. Blogs let you comment and ask questions and leave comments. Just remember that we preapprove comments so sometimes it may take a moment to show up!

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