Thursday, January 22, 2009

A look at our airplane with Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has to be the nicest airways that I have ever flown.  Betty and I both talked about this and agreed.  We were pleasantly suprised at how nice it was.  My adapter doesn't seem to be working well here with my laptop (seems to be a voltage problem!)  and so I don't have much time left to share, so, I'll share the pictures and video and give you the other pictures and videos tomorrow!See the comments below. Qatar Airlines is a 5 star airline with a lot of leg room and the food was nice as well (especially the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.)

 John V
Tayler B

Goodnight! It is 10:17 pm this time!!

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  1. I am enjoying reading about your trip. Kep me posted. Would love to know what the food is like???

    Carole Powell

  2. The food has actually be excellent. We've had many different things here - chicken is a popular dish. Sometimes they use curry but typically it is not super spicy. I really like the various dips that they serve with the fresh pita bread. Also there is a fruit they serve here that I'm trying to find out the name of - it is delicious, sort of like a mix between mango and a cantaloupe. We had a barbeque on the dunes that I'll try to blog about a little later and the TEA was incredible!

    Really, the food is very good. Lamb, beef, and a lot of chicken seem to be the main thing. You won't find any pork here though - if they serve sausage it is always chicken sausage.

  3. Oops - I meant to type "been" excellent - cannot go back and correct the typo.