Monday, January 26, 2009

Too Tired to Talk

We're done!

For a first conference with basically no advertising - it was phenomenal. Figure I'll blog tomorrow from the DC airport. I'm so tired it is a challenge.

To me, this picture taken by Katie's group says a lot about the cultural and international understanding facilitated by what we did here. Julie Lindsay and I are looking towards where it will be next year -- not sure yet and are approaching some people who support the vision. Hope to take some more kids next year.

Just remember, wherever we go, we will have strict guidelines. If a student cannot be trusted to stay on task in the classroom, then, they certainly will not be taken out of the classroom! The application process is something we'll work on.

Also, in the next year and a half we may have to replace the computer lab - this is another thing that concerns me as we look at writing more grants.

But for now, this picture is enough. Tired beyond belief and ready to head home to the greatest husband and kids in the world (and two cats and a dog.) I loved it here but Camilla, that is home and I love it and the people in Camilla dearly. Thank you, Westwood, for being such a great school!

Good night!

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