Friday, January 23, 2009

Dune Bashing near Doha

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Truly, dune bashing will go down in my personal record book as one of the greatest travel experiences of my life.  It was unbelievable.  This is the photo album including  a lot of photos taken by the participants and a video of dune bashing, the students talking about it and some of my colleagues and I relaxing at the desert barbeque.  It is great to start off with an event like this because you get to relax and have a great time!  We rode camels too!  A lot like a horse except when you get on, you'd better hang on because when the camel gets up, you are at about a 70 degree angle looking at the ground!  Amazing!

The staff at Qatar Academy has impressed everyone on the trip!  It was so much fun and they set it up with the longest running tour company in Qatar. 

Find more photos like this on Flat Classroom Conference

I hope that we can work it out to take more students and staff next year!  To do that, we'll have to start working on it now!

OK, gotta run now, it is 10:20 pm here and there is still quite a bit more work on my list to do.  A big shout out to my sister Sarah who designed our Flat Classroom Logo about 2 years a go (it brings tears to my eyes to see it on our banners) and who designed the DigiDollars we'll be using at the conference.

Getting ready for a project based learning conference - it will be exciting.  Julie Lindsay is a champ!
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