Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pre China Reflection

Last year, going to India was an amazing opportunity for me. It was a chance to see new things, try foods, and of course learn. Learning from this trip made me anxious to go this year as well. Traveling to a different country is very much an eye opener. It puts you out of your comfort zone and forces you to learn day-to-day life skills. I view this trip not as a chance to get out of school, but a chance to learn. Yes, we do a lot of sight-seeing, but once the conference starts, it's a lot of hard work. There is little free time and the trip itself is very exhausting. I have already learned some things about China that I wasn't aware of before. We were told not to wear blue jeans because the Chinese look down on people who do. We were also advised to wear dark colors to be careful not to draw too much attention to ourselves. The Chinese women also like sequins and sparkles, which we can wear to the opera. The things I have learned about China so far have been interesting, even though it's only been related to dress. Although we may not understand some of these customs, we are advised to abide by them in respect to their country. I'm very exciting about leaving this Friday and can't wait to view the sites and experience the country. I hope we can accumulate much information to relay back to the people at home in order to make this project a school wide event. I'm very eager to learn as much as I can and to share my knowledge with those who won't get a chance at the first-hand experience.

This is the pearl market in Beijing, where we will have a chance to shop.

The Great Wall of China is another tourist site that we will visit.

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  1. Take lots of photos and post to Flickr (I bet you knew you could take photos on your phone and send as txt to your flickr account), take good care of your teacher, and have fun!!