Thursday, February 17, 2011


Okay, so this is my first time leaving the United States, but have no fear! We are off to the unknown!! Okay so maybe it's not completely unknown, considering we know quite a bit about it already, but my ocular experience of China is pretty much below zero with the exception of what I have found via Google. Our caravan Camilla folk will be making our exit this coming Friday, the 18th at a very early time of 4:30 in the AM (which I'm just jumping for joy about). Oh! Don't let me forget to mention the 12 hour plane ride we get the joy of being a part of not too long afterwards. Yet, I have officially turned my frown (if there ever was one) upside down! This will be a whole new experience for everyone going on this adventure. Here is what I know: China women don't appreciate jeans, tennis shoes, and bright colors (which limits my attire to pajamas), but they do like SPARKLES! Still smiling! I have also heard that it is supposed to be very cold and luckily I just LOVE cold weather (sarcasm) but hey I'm still smiling. On the upside though, we get to meet students from across the world which I am VERY excited about! I love meeting new people and learning about their cultures and dichotomy in life as to ours. I am also eager to see the sights in China, such as the Great Wall, which is a world wonder! Not many people can say they've ever been to China and not too long from now I will get to cross my name off of that list! All in all, it will be a very exciting learning experience for all of us.

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