Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pre-China Blogpost

I am very excited about to going to China. I think that when we get to China, after the sixteen hour flight, that we will learn many different things about Chinese culture. We will get to see what they wear, what they eat, and many other things that they do in their day to day life. I am also ready to go on the many tours that we are going to take in China. I am very interested in going to see Tiananmen Square, the acrobatic show, and the Temple of Heaven (right). I am looking forward to visiting the Chinese markets and seeing what they have to offer. I think that collaborating with people from all around the world at the conference is going to be a great learning experience for everyone that is going. I hope that everyone that comes to the conference will have a great time. I hope to learn many things while I am over there and maybe pick up on some of the Chinese language.

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