Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hi everyone,

We made it safely to Mumbai after a long 26 hours of traveling. We arrived at our hotel at midnight India time, but 2:00pm Camilla time. Our bodies are totally confused. First impressions are hordes of mosquitoes everywhere , tight security at airport and hotel, heat and humidity, smoky atmosphere, poverty, horrendous traffic, and and endless construction. We have been scanned for drugs, bombs, my titanium knee, Vicki's curling iron, and medication we were carrying. Of course, we were carrying nothing illegal. It is a bit unnerving to be at the mercy of people who do not know you, do not speak your language, and question all things American. There is no disguising where we are from, particularly when traveling with 7 students.

The Trident Hotel is first rate and brand new. We have yet to figure out all the buttons and how to work the lights. They checked our car from the airport for bombs before we could unload and then put us and our baggage through x-ray. Security is tight here and for the conference. That creates a paradox. I am glad the security is in place, but it also makes you think about why all the security is necessary.

The flight attendants on the plane commented on the excellent behavior of our students. I know they will make us proud as we go forward.

I hope the immersion project is going well at school. Ethan and Jordan are taking pictures of things in the hotel to upload for the 5th grade scavenger hunt. We will leave on our first tour in about an hour and hopefully will be able to post some pictures and video tonight when we get back.

Betty Shiver

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