Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hello from Mumbai

This is the letter I sent to the second grade class.(my assigned class) Thought you all would like to hear from this.

Hi everyone - this is a letter from Mumbai - It is 2:35 pm your time but over here it is almost 1 am in the morning so I'm going to go to bed very soon.

This is such a different place!  We made it through the airport - lots of long hallways and long lines here!  We had to go through security to get out of the airport and have our bags xrayed. Then we got our money (45 rupees for one dollar - rupees are the money they have here.)

Then, we got out of the airport and had two groups of people waiting for us - the hotel AND the school hosting the conference - that was interesting. As we left the airport, the roads here are sort of scary - many are the size of 3-4 lane roads in the USA but have NO LINES ON THEM. Everyone just drives wherever they want and motorcycles zip in and out and people just cross the road where they want to as well!  We complain about speed limits and our bumpy roads in the USA but I will never complain again!

When we got to the hotel we had to go through security AGAIN - they screened our bags and us and even our car by looking under the car to make sure no one was hiding in the car or underneath it to get into the trident.  They called me back and I had to show them that the thing they were confused about in my bag was a CURLING IRON.  So, we got into the hotel  and everyone was hungry - but they couldn't eat because it was AFTER midnight although at home it was only around 1 pm and you all were eating Sunday lunch.

We got here and found out that they charge for the Internet and so some of us have the Internet but had to pay for it.  We got in and then had to figure out the Internet and Mrs. Betty skyped with her family and we had to figure out the plugs -- they don't use the same plugs we use - but type D adapter. Did you know that the electricity is different every where you go?

We were on the plane for OVER 14 hours! I watched about 6 episodes of my favorite tv show Numb3rs (yes it has a 3 in it) and slept as much as I could (when the baby wasn't crying that was in the front row.)

Ok,so I've pretty much let you know about everything. Everything is different here - it smells different, looks different, everything is different!  (If you go in their kind of toilet - it is just a hole in the floor!)

But we are excited about going and touring tomorrow! We will keep you posted and I'll share some film with you tomorrow!  We're excited to be here and I hope that if you all work hard in school and learn a lot about technology and computers that maybe one day you can go on a trip like this!

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