Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reflection on Beijing

Beijing is unlike any other place I have ever visited. The people are so friendly, and as our tour guide Vincet says, "you don't get old in China." The people at the Temple of Heaven awere mostly retired, yet they all played this fun game called shuttlecock, which is somewhat like hacky-sack and some were even dancing in the park. One of the funniest memories I will have is this older Chinese women dancing with Daniel, one of the juniors from Westwood. Those people made me smile. The vendors in Beijing are crazy! They are definitely not afraid to do anything they need in order to sell you something, even if it includes chasing you down and dragging you by the arm. The vendors are especially pushy in the Pearl Market. When you buy anything thing there, it's a battle to get a good price. It might even require twenty or more minutes just to assure that you are not ripped off! I think the majority of us did not do so well at first, but we definitley got better at bargaining. The food here is great, too. I'm looking forward to the Peking duck dinner, if not the Peking Opera. I am immensly enjoying my time here in Beijing (even though I wish I had my own clothes)! I'll keep you posted!

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